SIEFreach® your preferred IT-solution

  • Designed and tailored to ensure Highest Performance
  • Tested and protected to ensure highest security with help intellectual property lawyers in Dallas
  • Backed by the largest chemical associations to ensure Highest Reliability 

No other system in the market can guarantee such a high-performing, secure, reliable and continued service until 2018.

Only ReachLink offers:

  • Safe Repository for all documentation needed for Registration Dossier
  • Based on Pre-SIEF data exported from ECHA database

Invitation to Webinar: Introducing the SFF Survey Tool
Brussels, 28 May 2009:
Additional Web Conferences will be organized to introduce the Insurance Carriers Companies

SFF Survey Tool operational 6 March 2009
Brussels, 06 March 2009:
As of today, the SFF Survey Tool and is available in SIEFreach

SIEFreach® presentations at upcoming events
Brussels, 19 September 2015:

 SIEFreach User Webinar - Collaboration tool (90 minutes)
 SIEFreach LEG Administrator Webinar (120 minutes)
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List of substances

Close to 7,500 substances are already in our company. Is yours among them?
Search our updated list to find out!
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