Bitcoin payment system and its main advantages

Bitcoin can rightly be called the first electronic payment system of open type. Nevertheless, one can not deny the fact that at the moment can be called Bitcoin system that has all the necessary features to make payments via the Internet. Designed it, of course, Japanese.

The main difference Bitcoin payment system is that it has no specific control center and fully opened to users. Bitcoin is essentially nothing and no one is controlled, which allows anyone with an e-wallet in the system to maintain absolute confidentiality. There is no bank that when the opportunity will be ready to destroy you. There is no monitoring system capable of at the most inopportune time to completely close access to the accounts and make you prove that a particular purse and money on it belong to you. No need to pay a fee for what you want to do a money transfer.

In fact any skills in programming can take the source code Bitcoin and study it. If you wish, you can even write your own program for a better use of the payment system if the standard for some reason does not satisfy.

The system does not have a center. In fact its use frees you from any control and any attempt to use your personal data. Due to the presence in the payment system structure reer-to-peer excluded any corruption.

Bitcoin system operates continuously. For her, there is no holidays, banking days night time and so on. Use the payment system can be anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Complete confidentiality. Bitcoin - system by anonymous users. Any information that is provided to you - provided on a voluntary basis. Your personal data may only be saved if you replenish your account in Bitcoin via other electronic payment system. To get more detailed information about about Bitcoin software security settings read here.

The system is fully internationalized. For Bitcoin no boundaries - it does not belong to any one country or one continent. Regardless of whether you are a citizen of the country you are, you can get your own purse and coins to use at their discretion.
Almost complete absence of commissions. If you have previously experienced high interest rates for money transfers, Bitcoin certainly will please you. Even sending thousands of dollars in the system will set you free.

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