What is marketing: Definitions, concepts, examples.

Wandering through the network, or simply to communicate with colleagues I encountered a total or partial lack of understanding of many business processes, and above all - marketing. Decided to present some thoughts on this issue, reveal the most important moments of relying more on their own practice, as well as the practical results of other companies. Actually, I think that marketing (and management in general) - not the science that can be taught from books. Some basic knowledge - yes. But all the same - only the experience.

Despite the fact that this topic is now devoted to a huge number of sites, literature and articles, words such as "segmentation," "positioning", "branding" sound at every step, most people have no clear idea about this concept.
Referring to the classical definition:

Marketing - the art and science of choosing the right target market, attract, retain and increase the number of consumers by providing the buyer confidence that he is the highest value for the company" and "orderly and purposeful process of awareness of the problems of consumers and regulation of market activity" (founder of the theory of marketing, David Nepo).

Marketing - is the implementation of business processes in the direction of the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer." (American Marketing Association (AMA)).

Marketing - one of the control systems of capitalist enterprise, involves careful account of the processes taking place in the market for making economic decisions. The purpose of marketing - to create the conditions for adaptation of production to public demand, market requirements, develop a system of organizational and technical measures for the study of the market, the intensification of sales, increase the competitiveness of the goods in order to maximize profits. The main functions of marketing, market research, pricing issues, advertising and sales promotion, product assortment planning, marketing and trading operations, activities related to storage, transportation of goods, control of trade and commercial personnel, organization of customer service. (Nepo sec).

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