How to choose the site domain name?

Beginning stages to answer the question "how to make a website?", I consider it necessary to start with choosing a domain name for the future of the site.

Let's look at what factors should be guided in choosing a brandable business names for sale:

What are the themes of the site?

In general, and as a rule, the domain name reflects the theme of the site. And it is quite logical. For example, if you want to create your personal page, select the domain name with your name, last name, nickname, or favorite word. In any case, it will depend on what kind of information will be the site and for what, what purpose it was created.

Displays the subject site in the name of the domain name gives a certain advantage in the future for several reasons:

A couple of years ago the keyword in the title of the domain name was taken into account by search engines by thematic searches, which gave a certain advantage in the search results, but now that time has no effect on the result of the issuance, although still in bold and in search results. Hence ...
Psychological factor. For example, if your site is dedicated to search engine optimization, SEO issues, if the person seeking any material of SEO-optimization sees in the SERPs, in the name of the domain name seo word or any of its variations, then the probability that he will go to this site is greatly increased. The visitor immediately think that this site is dedicated to issues of interest to him exactly. This point is very important to take into account in cases where you want to create an online store. Relevance of the domain name in this case, should best meet the information you want to share with visitors. Otherwise, for example, to name your shop and sell books about martial arts, it will subconsciously cause a state of cognitive dissonance and repel visitors from buying in this online store.
How to choose a domain zone?

Domain zones .com .net, etc. I advise you to opt for large-scale projects are not tied exclusively to any terrain. From the viewpoint of SEO, such sites domain zones second order indexed better and more frequent, since they suggest a site of international character. About the features and value of each domain area can be found on the website of almost any domain name registrar.

If your site is aimed at attracting visitors to a particular geographical area of ??the country, then it makes sense to choose a regional domain name .co.uk .net.ua etc. These domain names suggest that the activity of the company or a material site is designed primarily for visitors from certain countries.

Domain names with zones denoting city .kiev.ua .od.ua etc. will be appropriate for local organizations, city clubs, institutions and personal websites.

Summarizing all the above, I advise you first decide what information will be site as its main idea and concept. Then, define their target audience, and select the appropriate domain name with the corresponding domain zone.

About Free Domain

I confess that he once dabbled with free .co.cc domain zones and .cz.cc, even have an online store to sell. But seriously, definitely not advise you to do something serious with the free domain. The main reason is the fact that there is no guarantee you keep the domain, after he got a good TIC and PR, or if your project will be commercially successful and popular. You are in this case is absolutely powerless and helpless ...

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