Sony Ericsson Satio Review

The Sony Ericsson Satio mobile phone is Sony's first real effort at making a touch screen phone. So let's see how much of an effort it is, well on the outside it looks good, quite bulky but good looking none the less. It has the trademark touch screen front only call buttons available below a 3.5 inch TFT 640360 pixel touch screen. The touch screen also has the auto rotation functionality so no matter whether your holding the phone horizontally or vertically it will match your behaviour.

The most important thing about the Satio and the feature that sets it apart from all mobile phones is the 12.0 mega pixel camera. Wow, unparalleled and a mobile phone first, what a powerful tool to have built-in to your mobile phone. Now you can truly capture those 'picture perfect' moments on your mobile phone no matter where you are. If 12.0 megapixels wasn't enough it also comes with lots of features to make the quality of your snaps even better. It sports a xenon flash, auto focus, and face detection. The video player is a beast too with excellent quality footage in the palm of your hand and it even has a light so you can film in the dark, perfect!

The Satio is by no means a one trick pony, it also comes with HSDPA for fast internet, aGPS and Google Maps ensuring you don't get lost! It also has Wi-Fi so you can get free connectivity on the move should you be in a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Satio doesn't stop there either, the music player (as with most Sony phones) is pretty good too, allowing for the popular album artwork to go with your tunes. There is also an FM radio should you get bored of your own music collection.

Pretty good so far right? Well it's about to go down hill a little. First of all there is no 3.5mm jack meaning you have to use the headset provided so you can't use your own favourite set. Not the end of the world but a little annoying. Also the internal memory is only a mere 128MB which won't leave you with space for much. So if you want to make best use of the features you will have to buy an additional card. The most worrying thing is that Sony Ericsson had to remove the Satio from most UK retailers in the midst of much demand due to errors on the device. Since then it has come back to the market but sales are no where near as high as they were prior to de-ranging, proving the consumer is 'once bitten, twice as shy'.

It seams the Satio is a little bi-polar it has some unbelievable features for a mobile phone but yet lacks some necessities in the music and memory department. But does the good outweigh the bad? Well it depends what you want, if you want a top of the range camera phone then this is the phone for you but if you don't I'm not convinced it has much to offer over similar priced phones such as the Nokia N97 or the Samsung Jet. That combined with the faults certainly puts me off but everyone is different. Therefore no more than a 7/10 from me.

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