Surveillance program Actual Keylogger

Often need to be aware of what is happening on the computer in your absence. Reason may be weight: from the usual curiosity to attempt to trace the random errors in the system, from parental control over the child to monitor the employees during working hours. In general, these examples are many, and they all relate to the need for covert surveillance by computer users.

Better to see anything clearly, than a long and tedious to delve into text reports. We are talking about the possibility of creating hidden screenshots (screenshots, photos of the screen). Covert surveillance program Actual Keylogger help you solve this problem.

Actual Keylogger main interface is extremely simple and consists of several tabs from which we need the Main Window and Settings:

Actual Keylogger allows hidden screenshots at specified intervals and picture quality. Screenshots files stored on the hard drive or to a network shared folder. Pictures may include the entire screen or just the active window. It is possible to take a screenshot with grab the mouse pointer, and add to the image date and time of the screenshot.

In stealth mode, the program does not appear in the taskbar, Windows, and the system tray icon is missing her.

Consider setting Actual Keylogger, required for proper covert tracking computer.
On the Settings and set up ways to start up the program management:

Overview Actual Keylogger - program for covert surveillance computer

With these settings Actual Keylogger must run in stealth mode with the operating system, and begin immediately after starting the hidden screen shot. If the computer is idle for more than 60 seconds, you can stop photographing the screen, because on the desktop nothing changes and pictures are the same.
Also, do not forget to customize the keyboard shortcut to switch between the visible and the program in hidden mode.

Overview Actual Keylogger - program for covert surveillance computer

Go to the tab Main window. The following illustration red marked optimal settings for covert surveillance of a computer:

Overview Actual Keylogger - program for covert surveillance computer

Hidden screenshots will be saved in files with the addition of the name of shooting date/time (example file name - Screen_20120505_141045.png). It is desirable to capture the entire screen, the mouse pointer and affix a date/time at the picture. Shooting interval is adjustable from 1 second to 1 hour.
When you use in corporate networks makes sense to save screenshots on a remote computer in the shared folders.
After all settings close the program. Then run Actual Keylogger again, and the program screen appears, as she is already doing its job in stealth mode. Open the folder with the screenshots and see that there appear files screenshots:

Overview Actual Keylogger - program for covert surveillance computer

Program to switch the screen between the visible and hidden mode press the key combination (the "hot button"). Default - a combination of Alt + F2

In conclusion, I want to say that these spyware can be used for not very noble goals. In most cases, everyone has the right to know that he was under surveillance. To exclude abuse trial- version Actual Keylogger duration of stealth mode is limited to 1 minute. After you purchase and enter the registration code hidden mode starts to work without restrictions.

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