ReachLink offers the SIEFreach® IT system to serve as a common platform for companies to collaborate and communicate in SIEFs, being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for storage of discussions, decisions and documentation during the SIEF life time and beyond.

SIEFreach® is a tool which enables efficient administration of SIEFs by means of:

  • Easy sign-up in the system by your company’s Administrator role (LEGA = Legal Entity Group Administrator) to manage SIEFs within a company across Legal Entities
  • Uploading Pre-SIEF data from the ECHA REACH-IT system and create or update a SIEF
  • Manage and assign user accounts and roles to collaborate in SIEFs like SIEF User, Expert, SIEF Formation Facilitator, Lead Registrant etc.
  • Providing a user friendly collaboration tool including secure storage and handling of your company’s data, discussion in fora, voting organization, …

SIEFreach® Benefits

  • Recommended by industry
  • Developed with major players in chemical industry


  • Free access to base data in SIEF (for Basic SIEFreach®)
  • Choice of different systems: light, standard, consortium
  • Single and safe place for your SIEF data till (at least) 2018
  • Linked to ECHA Pre-registration data (download / upload / refresh) 


  • Methodology proposed supported by template examples
  • Supports secretariat role for associations / consortium manager
  • Avoid ‘trouble’ of having to work with multiple tools for your SIEFs
  • Takes burden away from SIEF Facilitator / Lead Registrant (newcomers have access to data stored in SIEF)
  • Transparent for staff movements (e.g. job changes) – handover easily facilitated
  • Available to all industries dealing with REACH



  • Every commercial company needs to pay close attention to security. That is why it is so important to do rekey of all office doors when moving to a new building and keep the security system up to date. There is a reliable, trustworthy locksmith service in Atlanta, which will take care of all that.

IT Platform

The SIEFreach® system has been developed and is operated by IBM, the IT Service provider providing this robust, user-friendly and secure platform.

The system has 3 main components:
  • The data management subsystem to maintain Company (Legal Entity), Substance and User data
  • The collaboration tool, based on IBM’s Lotus Quickr software
  • The purchase order / invoicing system


  • Secure platform for industry by industry
  • Safe Repository for all documentation needed for Registration Dossier
  • Easy management functionalities for companies and users
  • Based on Pre-SIEF data exported from ECHA database

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