How to get started with SIEFreach®

ReachLink offers various ways to obtain information on the basics of the system, i.e. Web based video, webinars and classroom training. A free test system is available to get hands-on experience with SIEFreach®

Access to SIEFreach® -live

Signing up to SIEFreach® can be initiated for a company by the LEGA (Legal Entity Group Administrator) by entering company details, after which User accounts can be created to be allocated to SIEFs later on.
Details on the process steps to go through to upload data from ECHA, create SIEF, allocate Pre-Registration, assign users etc. can be found in the SIEFreach® Quick Reference Guide.

Fee payment

A fee for using SIEFreach® has to be paid in order to cover the cost for the system: The fee has to be paid for each user allocated to a SIEF, by Legal Entity, by Role.

The fees can be paid by Credit Card – which is the preferred payment option – or by on-line entry of a Purchase Order in the SIEFreach® system to buy a credit to be used in case a company has many substances to deal with.

SIEFreach® fee structure

The offering consists of different systems:

Basic: is the system every pre-registrant can have access to. It will allow him to see basic information in “read only” as Pre-SIEF information and Public Study Availability.

Light: this new system will give access to some information in SIEFreach® as ‘read only” such as the content of the body of the pages and the status. This system could meet the requirements of either SME’s or “passive” or “dormant” SIEF participants who are not interested to actively participate. The “light” system could be enhanced to the “standard” system at any time (under development).

Standard: this system offers all the functionalities as described in the respective section (our services) for a given SIEF. Typically this is the system which would be acquired by one Legal Entity for a given substance which they plan to register.

Consortium: the consortium System is meant to add the functionality of SIEF Management and Consortium Management in one offering. When completed it would encompass the additional following functionalities: SuperSIEF, copying, survey, facilitator role, calendar, meeting management. Consortium is a voluntary grouping of Companies/Legal Entities which are bound by an agreement with the view to develop a registration dossier.

The fee structure as from 1st January 2009 is as follows:

These fees are to be understood as one time payment until 2018.


EUR per Legal Entity and per substance








On request*

 * Consortium price is based on a formula which takes into account the number of the Companies in the consortium, of Legal Entities and of Substances.


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